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Mechatronic Systems Control Laboratory belongs to IEEE IES Nanjing Chapter. Principal person in charge: Professor Li Shihua (second level professor of Southeast University, national outstanding youth, IEEE fellow, IET fellow).

Our laboratory has long been committed to mechatronic systems modeling, analysis and disturbance rejection control theory and application research. At the theoretical method level, the basic theory of disturbance rejection control is mainly studied from two aspects of feedback and feedforward. In particular, some pioneering and innovative research results have been made in disturbance rejection control theory based on non-smooth feedback and feedforward compensation. In terms of application research, the laboratory mainly focuses on multi-source disturbances mechatronic systems (motion control, AC servo, automotive electronics, power electronic systems, etc.). The researches on composite hierarchical disturbance rejection control method based on nonlinear characteristic modeling, fine classification and estimation of disturbances, active compensation control, have achieved rich research results and significant economic benefits.

Our laboratory has been responsible for completing more than 50 scientific research projects, including more than 20 national, ministerial and provincial projects and 30 enterprise entrusted projects. Our laboratory has published three monographs and authorized more than 20 patents. Over 100 SCI papers have been accepted and published, of which 15 papers were published in Automatica and TAC. 8 papers are highly cited papers in ESI and more than 15000 academic citations from Google.