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"My Favorite Graduate Tutor"-Profess Li Shihua

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At 18:30 on the evening of May 17, 2020, the tenth "My Favorite Graduate Tutor" jointly organized by the Research Department of The Party Committee, The Graduate School and the Youth League Committee of Southeast University was officially launched through the Tencent conference platform.

First, the host read out the meaning, form, requirements and voting rules of the activity, and led all the participants to play the song of Southeast University. After that, 22 teachers from 22 departments gave excellent 5-minute oral defense in order to draw lots. After the last respondent finished his speech, the staff released the "group voting" channel in the wechat group of the jury, and a total of 110 people voted in the group.

In the fierce competition, Professor Li Shihua successfully won the title of "My Favorite Graduate Tutor" in the 10th session.